A cropped small image of the music sheet with lyrics for the U.S. Army hymm "Ever Faithful to the Call".

“Ever Faithful to the Call” is a hymn that honors the service of our soldiers as they do whatever is necessary to keep us free. Because of this focus, it is becoming known informally as “The Soldiers’ Hymn.” Please consider this hymn for use in ceremonies, events, and services for Veterans Day 2023. Share this information with interested others as well.

This easy-to-sing hymn was inspired by ideas and suggestions from many sources, such as chaplains, veterans, military wives, church music professionals, military professional associations, and others. The verses reflect the Army core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

The Soldiers’ Hymn is provided free of cost for nonprofit and noncommercial use, such as in worship services or public ceremonies, and is highly recommended for use with Veterans Day 2023.

An image of the music sheet with lyrics for the U.S. Army hymm "Ever Faithful to the Call".

Download the hymn

You are invited to share and use The Soldiers’ Hymn widely, and to promote its use with Veterans Day 2023 and other related events. Click the Download button below for the PDF hymn file.

This four-verse hymn version includes a non-commercial license to photocopy, distribute, re-arrange, perform, record, and broadcast the work for nonprofit purposes, provided that www.everfaithfultothecall.com is attributed.

Listen to the hymn

Click on the player below to listen to the hymn being sung by a choir. [Note: This audio file is for review purposes only.]

You can also view a video of the choir at the First United Methodist Church in Round Rock, Texas, singing the last verse of the hymn. Click here to see and hear this video.

Share the hymn

Consider becoming a proactive advocate for the hymn so that it becomes widely-sung on Veterans Day 2023. Click here for some actions to consider. Thank you!

Additional options

If you are planning to use the hymn in a Veterans Day church worship service or other event, additional resources are available on request, including a PDF file with a soprano descant for the last verse, and a link to a hymn introduction video file. PDF files with the hymn in other keys are also available. To request any of these, send email to tom.lough@gmail.com with the subject line: Hymn Options.

Click here to download the original seven-verse hymn in two different hymn formats.

The story of the hymn

Ever Faithful to the call v2 from Central Texas Conference UMC on Vimeo.

About the composer

Tom Lough is a ten-year US Army combat engineer veteran with service in Korea, Vietnam, and Germany. He is also a church music composer and publishes with Hal Leonard / Shawnee Press. He and his wife, Posy, live in Round Rock, Texas, where he sings in his church choir. In response to the 2020 pandemic shutdown of choral singing, he developed the Noteable Singing Mask.